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We often concentrate our social media strategies on attracting new customers and completely overlook a more important aspect: Customer Retention. There are various measures you can undertake in order to retain your customers on social media and foster loyalty.

The very first thing you must remember is that no matter what product category you function under, customers always love a “little extra”. Whether you are selling a luxury item or a service, by giving that extra something you can make sure that your customers constantly remain interested in your brand and keep coming back for more.

Communication is the most important aspect when it comes to customer retention. Most brands make the fatal mistake of communicating regularly while attracting customers and reduce their efforts once they have the ideal number of fans. This mistake will eventually cause individuals to lose interest in the brand. To avoid boredom and disinterest it is crucial to have a healthy communication strategy. Always remember that communication is one way. It needs to be a conversation and should involve customers. Customer engagement and interaction eventually leads to loyalty and sales.

Over the last few years privacy has become an important issue amongst people using social media. Social giants like Facebook too faced the flak from users who demanded greater privacy. In order to gain the trust of your customers you must put a policy in place which will protect their information and assure them that their private data remains safe. Customers are more likely to engage in online shopping with brands that they consider trustworthy.

While there are many tips that can be applied for customer retention purposes, the most important thing is to remain honest and claim only what you can provide. Believe it or not, fans can read through tall claims and it won’t take them too long to hit the “Unlike” button.

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