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A great man once said “Knowledge is wealth.” In 2012, LinkedIn gave thought leaders a chance to publish their Knowledge. This feature of LinkedIn was rolled out only to a selected few. If you chanced to be one of them, then you were branded an “Influencer”.

By February 2014, LinkedIn decided to allow another 25,000 people to publish. What better a platform could you have, to share your opinion than LinkedIn – the Social hub of professionals? The Long form post would not only be published in your profile, but also your connections and network will be able to see it. What more? This post could be commented upon, shared and people could even follow you. Sounds ordinary yet? Here’s the thing: LinkedIn has started its new news channel – Pulse. Now, if your stars happen to shine bright, this post would be picked up by the channel and would appear as an update in the news feed of others.

5 important reasons why you as a ‘Brand Employee’ should use this tool:

  1. Trust, Personal Touch
    Customers buy products each day. They know your product by the name of your brand and what they imagine is how pretty your logo looks. Well, now if you start voicing your opinion and use this beautiful opportunity that LinkedIn has given you, they are going to start associating your brand with you. They are going to hear it straight from the person who is the maker/seller of the product. However you cannot publish promotional posts on LinkedIn. You must publish something which is generic and something which your audience is looking for. It is this trust and human association which would strengthen your brand.
  2. More Visibility
    You may now be wondering that I am already writing Blogs, getting published on my website.
    But the number of eyeballs that will be reading your Blog are limited to the number of people visiting your website. LinkedIn has people from every industry. The attention and views that your writing would get is definitely not going to be comparable.
  3. Searchable by Keywords
    Your long form post has the capacity to be picked up when a person searches for words mentioned in your post. The reason a lot of SEO folks will wish that you published content linking back to the website ☺
  4. ‘Shareability’, ‘Followabilty’, ‘Virality’
    LinkedIn Long form posts are shareable by other people of your network and people can also follow you. If a lot of people do this and if it forms a chain, your post has the potential to get viral on LinkedIn.
  5. Get Featured on Pulse
    LinkedIn Pulse is the news app that is tailored for you. It shows news feed content to you based on your profile data on LinkedIn. If you write in the interest of your audience and if your content is good, Pulse picks up your article and shows it in the news feed of others.

Some of the most influential long form posts on LinkedIn with highest views and likes are:

  1. Andy Yeo wrote a post called “When your GPA doesn’t matter” This post received a remarkable 88,263 views as well as 865 likes and 208 comments.

  1. Wendy McClelland wrote an article called “Why I say no to Coffee Meetings”. This article got 61,669 views, 2,100 shares on LinkedIn, 355 likes 520 comments.

This is the power of LinkedIn! LinkedIn is the 16th most visited website on earth. Long form post is one of the finest opportunities one can get to speak their thoughts and be heard. Summing it up all together, long form posts are one of the best tools to increase your visibility and make your presence felt.

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