Setting A Standard And Living Up To It: Facebook Business Pages

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Facebook ensures that brands get special recognition on their site and to boost their relationship with brands they have recently announced their “Facebook for Business” feature. The most important step for brands is to differentiate themselves from individual users and create an online presence for themselves.

What brands really seek for on Facebook is “Likes” by Fans. Why is this so important for brands? Getting Facebook “Likes” is equivalent to having your fans sign up for a newsletter. Having fans on your Facebook page gives you direct access to these users and opens up the scope for influencing them using your marketing attempts. All brand posts will directly reach the newsfeed of a user; the same way that newsletters get to a person’s inbox.

As a brand it is your responsibility to continue living up to your fan’s expectations once he has hit the like button. While brands definitely cannot predict word-of-mouth publicity, they definitely can ensure that they provide higher quality as compared to other brands. The first step that brands must take is keeping a keen eye on the kind of work that other brands do and the results that they derive from the same. This will help them decide the best way in which they can conduct their marketing strategies in order to attract and maintain users.

How exactly Facebook decides the importance of a particular news item still remains a mystery. While brands definitely cannot strategize and boost their posts in a users news feeds, they definitely can continue to provide benefits to users in a way that they continue to return and engage with the page.

In order to get more likes brands need to have likeable content. Content plays an important role in deciding whether or not your fan page gets popularity or not. Start off by setting a high standard for your fan page and continue to maintain it over a period of time.

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