Social Gaming: It's All Fun And 'Games' For Google

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Social gaming has proved to be extremely lucrative for Facebook and, if rumours are to be believed, it looks like Google too is getting into the gaming space. The challenge lies in the novelty. It remains to be seen if Google is able to provide something different from Facebook.

The biggest advantage that Facebook provides developers is the free advertising that the social networking site provides. While it may be slightly annoying to the users, the ads definitely provide benefits to the developers themselves. Google can get an upper hand in its gaming attempts by demanding a smaller share of the game profits. Facebook currently demands 30 % and Google can entice developers by taking lesser than that.

Let’s not forget that Google already has an upper hand with its Circles feature. Imagine if users were able to put fellow gamers in a separate circle in order to discuss strategy and figure out various game play options? This would definitely increase the appeal of Google Plus for developers.

With the launch of a social gaming feature Google will definitely up the ante and pose a serious competition for Facebook. Yet another advantage of Google’s social experiment is the apparent lack of clutter. The clean look of the Google Plus stream is a refreshing change from the busy Facebook home page. The rumours seem all the more believable after the revelation of the Google Games logo by Tech Crunch.

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With the stupendous success of its Android portal, Google has learnt that games are important to thrive in the consumer driven market. The Android platform is renowned for its games and apps and hence there are great expectations from Google Plus. Looking at the pace with which Google Plus is developing it won’t be too long before we hear an announcement about the gaming feature.

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