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After looking at the reasons why blogging is important for branding and methods to improve your blogs, let’s get down to the specifics: developing effective blog posts. The whole purpose behind putting up a blog post is to get your target audience to read and share it. This can only happen if your post is really well researched and appeals to the audience.

The first step is to have a thorough understanding of your audience. Figure out what kind of content, tone and language will appeal to them and frame your posts accordingly. For e.g. If you write a beginner content for an advanced audience it is undoubtedly going to get rejected. Make sure that your audience can connect with your content and a call to action in the post won’t hurt either!

Novelty might seem elusive at one point but, believe it or not, there is always something new to offer! Most industries might be oversaturated with content, but with keen research you will definitely be able to spot a topic that hasn’t been done to death and will interest your readers.

Keep repeating to yourself: Lists are awesome! As a reader I would definitely appreciate if someone gave me a comprehensive list of the top 50 satire blogs or best sites for Social Media news. However, compiling lists does not mean just putting together a bunch of links. You need to put it together in an attractive way and if possible give a short description of each site. This will compel your target audience to not only read but also share it.

Another important aspect that you need to concentrate on is ensuring that your blog or site is social media friendly. Get all your widgets like Facebook, Twitter and +1 buttons in place and make sure readers are able to easily spot them. Sharing will definitely become simpler if you reduce effort for the reader. Don’t forget to format your post well. First impressions are very important and an aesthetic post has a higher chance of being shared as compared to a haphazard one; even if the latter has more pertinent information.

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