Social Media Crowdsourcing: Mobilize Your Existing Loyalists

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The advent of social media has changed the way businesses engage with their consumers. Traditional communication channels involved a completely one-way process where the brands would project their message on to the consumer in hopes of it being adopted and eventually leading to sales. The consumer of the “Social Media Age” does not want to be ‘told’ what to do or what to buy. They want to be a part of an experience where they can gain information and be involved with a much larger social circle. Brands are now adopting the crowdsourcing philosophy which allows them to delegate tasks to their audience and build powerful social engagement with the consumers.

The constant interaction and engagement will enable brands to build a community that will lead to better awareness about the brand and eventually create brand advocates. These brand advocates will help propagate the brand to a larger group and spread the brand message.

There are 3 primary ways in which brands can apply crowdsourcing philosophies on major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Blogs. Feedback is an important part of any social activity. Brands must make it a point to listen to the consumer and use the feedback in order to improve their brand and lead to greater engagement.

Levis Feedback

Burger King feedback

What better way to involve consumers than contests that will entice them with an enviable reward? Rewards are an important part of a brand’s social activity as it engages the consumers and keeps them coming back for more. Contests also lead to discussions amongst fans and help build a strong community.

Coca Cola Contest

Believe it or not, consumers actually like to take the effort to give their opinion about a particular brand. They want to provide their outlook as it makes them feel like they are an integral part of the brand and its growth. Brands must tap into this opportunity by using polls to find out where audience interests lie. These polls will also help you start a conversation around the topic.

Allen Solly Feedback

While you may not get the desired results in the first attempt of your activities, it is important to persist and engage the consumers till they provide the level of activity you desire.

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