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One of the common misconceptions of social media is that it is a quick and easy way to make a few bucks. Monetization aside, the crux of Social media lies in the fact that it is a conversation. The entire medium is built on a foundation where brands have the opportunity to reach out directly to their consumers and share a mutual give and take. Fundraising is one of the most dreaded terms of the non-profit world. In pre-social media days, raising money for charity was a long drawn out process that often took several months in order to be effective. While the connection may seem unlikely, Social media is in fact a great platform for non-profits look to raise funds for a cause. This practice is not completely new. Several brands have used social media for their CSR activities along with non-profit organizations looking to build a community of people who want to support a cause. It is important to remember that while reaching out to the right audience might be a daunting task for non-profits, individuals looking to support the right cause too face a difficulty. Social media provides a fast and transparent medium for a cause and allows individuals to connect with the cause of their choice.

This, however, does not mean that social media is a goldmine for non-profit organizations. The main task lies in creating a strong community for your company that will eventually go on to yield the desired results. In order to build a community it is important to completely understand the various platforms. Facebook is often the preferred platform for all kinds of brands due to the vast number of users that the social networking site has. However, on a platform like Facebook it is important to stand out and get your organization noticed in order to foster engagement and get people interested in your cause. While 140 characters may seem like a drop in the ocean, Twitter can be a great way to stay in the limelight. The real-time nature of the platform allows you to regularly share your updates with followers and find like-minded users who will connect with your cause. If a picture is worth a thousand, a video is certainly worth a million! There is no better way to hook users than by showing them a video of the cause you are generating funds for and the change they can bring about. This is where YouTube comes in the picture.

While some cynics may argue that Social Media is only for brands that have a product or an attractive service to offer, this is far from the truth. All you need is the right social media marketing strategy and your cause could attract the right kind of attention with ease.

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