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Brands on social media would definitely get a thrill by seeing rising number of fans and equate it with success. While increasing your fan base is crucial, it is also important to maintain good relations with your current fans and increase retention.

The most important step that marketers must keep in mind is to have a single database of all their fans and followers. This will provide you with a comprehensive list and give you easy access to your fans.

Every brand page on Facebook or account on Twitter will have certain fans that can be recognized as the influencers. It is up to the marketer to realize his influencers in order to target them effectively and derive maximum value out of their engagement levels.

Rewards are an important aspect of any social media campaign.  For any fan to continue associating with a brand, you need to present some rewards in order to boost loyalty. Loyalty rewards can be in various forms. Whether you give actual goodies or virtual gifts, rewards help build loyalty and coax the fan to keep interacting with the brand. Another great option is to have the online rewards culminate into offline returns. For e.g. 100 Loyalty points on Facebook can result in 10% discount on products.

Return on Investment must be measured effectively in order to understand if your campaigns are working out and the kind of future value they will bring for your brand. This measurement will help you determine whether a fan results in a customer and impacts actual sales.

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most important pillars of social media and strategy needs to be well thought out in order to be effective for a longer period of time. We live in “Social” times where a Loyal Fan eventually leads to a devoted customer.

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