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Each brand that adopts social media strategies in the marketing plan has its own way going about executing those strategies. The execution of the strategy depends greatly on the type of brand and the kind of value that the brand would like to project. While there is no right or wrong method, these 2 ways of social media execution are most common and best suit brands.

For brands that are getting into social media for the first time, having a huge social media team is not an important criteria. Most newcomers prefer to have a single person handling their entire social media activity ranging from their Twitter accounts to managing their Facebook page. While it may seem like a huge burden for one person, it does work out in favor of the brand. It helps the brand have a singular voice that will project their values to the audience. This will help maintain control over the kind of information that is being released and hence, help brands reach their social media goals effectively. The flip side might be that the work might be more than one person can manage and eventually lead to delays.

On the other hands, established brands that already have an offline fan base will need more than one person to handle their social media. In this case, the brand will need to organize a team that will effectively channel the brand values and perceptions to the consumer. As a brand, you need to ensure that you hire a team that is aware of everything a brand stands for and will be able to represent it perfectly. Some companies provide employees with the freedom to spread the word about the brand in their own way. However this can be difficult to monitor in case of any repercussions. The best way to handle social media marketing would be to organize a team who is well versed in the marketing strategies and encourage them to take their own decisions and popularize the brand.

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