Social Media: The Platform Of Choice For Product Launches

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Social media marketing is no more a supplement to traditional marketing channels. With the reach of social channels extending across all market segments, this type of branding is on its way to becoming a primary method for product launches. The latest in line of companies to launch new products on Facebook is Maruti Suzuki which is set to launch its new Swift using the popular channel. This is the first Maruti vehicle that will be launched on Facebook before its formal unveiling.

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The extensive reach of Facebook is one of the primary reasons why Maruti chose to use the platform for the launch. Their decision has received ample attention and the launch page has already reached over 191,000 likes. Maruti expects at least 50,000 bookings before the launch date and judging by the amount of attention this prediction may well come true. Maruti has made a smart move by giving fans the credit for launching the car over the online medium.

The trend of launching cars via Facebook was spearheaded by the Ford Motor Company when they launched their “Explorer” in 2010 solely on the social media channel and bypassed other traditional launch platforms like car shows. Facebook is highly popular due to the fact that it can help create a buzz that will reach the fans directly and provide them with an opportunity to interact directly with the company and hence develop a better connection thereby increasing the probability of a purchase. Not only that, this medium also provides an opportunity to gather user generated content like reviews, comments etc. and thereby increase appeal of the brand and its products.

Will Facebook replace other traditional launch platforms? While that is yet to be seen, we can safely say that Facebook and other social media channels are no more just add-ons to a marketing strategy. As the reach of social media grows exponentially, marketing through these channels too has started to show remarkable results.

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