How Social Media Can Help You Find Travel Deals

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Planning a travel was initially all about going to a travel agent or booking directly through airlines or hotels. The advent of social media has brought about a complete revolution of the travel industry. Check out these tips to help you plan your next travel a lot more effectively:

Twitter is an amazing source for finding the right deals at the right time. To begin with you need start off by following your favorite airlines in order to be the first one to hear about any deals or amazing offers. There are various twitter handles such as @airfarewatchdog and @cheapestairfare that will help you get hold of tempting and profitable deals.

If you are sure about a destination you can make your plan even more specific. For e.g. If you are planning a visit to Scotland you can find local tourism authorities, airlines and other accounts that will help you get good deals. Remember that pick on interesting deals quickly! Deals that will get retweeted by many users will be snagged before you know it.

‘Fare Compare’ is a great website to help US residents find any twitter deal that concerns the airport closest to them. By entering their closest airport Twitter users can keep up-to-date on all deals in real time. Great way to enviably priced flight tickets!

Another similar site is Trip Twit which will find all travel deal related mentions for you once you sign up.

Getting recommendations and advice from friends is a great way to see what your social circle is saying about your next destination or your travel plans. It has been noticed that users are more open to taking advice from close friends rather than websites that they are not familiar with. Apps like Trippy can help you create a travel plan and get suggestions and opinions on it from friends.

Let’s not forget forums which are the best platforms to find information about any topic no matter how niche it is. For e.g. The “World Travel Forum” on Virtual Tourist, is a platform where you can post discussions about any location in the world and get information from other travelers.

If you are one of the “last minute planners” like most of us you can find scores of apps that will help you make instant bookings and get some discount while you are at it!



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