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Video conferencing or “Hangout” is probably the most interesting feature of the Google Plus platform. Users can comfortably add up to 10 friends on the common chat window and have an easy method of communicating with each other over video. Yet another feature of ‘Hangout’ is that it allows users to watch a YouTube video while in a conference so that all your friends can watch it together. To add to this YouTube has now made it possible for users to start a hangout directly from their site itself. Users can start a Hangout while they are watching a video and receive a dual benefit of conducting a video chat with friends and sharing their favourite video at the same time. The process is simple. All you need to do is click on the Hangout button and choose which Google Plus circle you want to chat with. In no time you can be a part of a wonderful communication experience.

Google Plus may have started with a big bang but the site has not received the momentum that it had envisioned. There are several quirks that the website is still trying to sort out in order to provide users with a more complete and engaging experience. With constant innovations, Google is definitely on a path to create a site that will provide users with all the necessary tools of communications. However experts in the field of social media do not have extremely high hopes for the site. With subscription barely touching 25 million, the site has lost the pace that it started off with. The site reminds us of Orkut as it allows people outside your group of friends to add you in Circles which can come across as intrusive. If Google aims to take over Facebook, it needs to ensure that they create an experience that will give users an advantage over Facebook. Maybe the YouTube feature might come in handy!

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