The 'Business' Of Social Media

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There are a number of rules you need to follow at a business dinner. You have a dress code, a specific type of lingo and most certainly a set of behavior rules that you must follow in order to be considered one with the professional crowd. Now consider social media to be exactly like that business dinner. While ‘Casual’ might be an important part of the description of social media, let’s not forget that there are certain rules you need to follow in order to avoid offending your target audience and maximize interaction. The basic tenets of offline interaction should hold true even in the online world. Here are some basic etiquette guidelines that must be maintained while interacting on any social platform:

Do not mix your personal and professional worlds. If you own a brand you need to separate it from you as a person while creating an online profile. For all personal communication have a separate profile. Your brand profile on the other hand must have a complete and clear cut profile that will depict everything that your brand stands for. Use real brand images as it is a lot more trustworthy in comparison to a picture of a cartoon character. (Unless you are a cartoonist! In that case, get as animated as you want!) A detailed profile will also help your audience understand whether they want to associate with the brand and help you weed out irrelevant fans and followers.

While your brand may be the best at what it does, it can be off-putting for the user if all you do is talk about yourself. Indulge in discussions that will interest your audience and engage them in a conversation. This will keep the activity alive and maintain retention of fans.

People are following brands at an increasing rate and it is up to you to ensure that your brand profile is something that catches attention and encourages fans to come to it and stay on it.

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