The ‘Facebook’ Journey: From Harvard Dorms to IPO

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The most popular website in the world, Facebook, just turned 8! That’s 8 years of connecting the world and bringing people on a common platform. The website currently has about 845 million users all over the world and the numbers continue to rise daily. Started in February 2004, the website is expected to reach a user base of 1 billion in 2012. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populated in the world!

What started off in a Harvard Dorm room as a website to connect university students, soon expanded to other colleges and later for users all over the globe. Before the website went public it was known as “thefacebook” and later came to be called “Facebook”. Not only has Facebook brought Mark Zuckerberg into the lime light into the list of young billionaires, it has provided brands with a highly profitable marketing platform.  Marketing via social media has grown into a large industry and has helped brands connect directly with their audience; something that was extremely difficult before websites like Facebook came into the picture. There are several landmark moments in the history of the website that have changed the way we use the site. Did you know? The Facebook ‘Like’ feature was added in 2009, 5 years after the launch of the site. This feature is of great value to any brand marketing campaign and has contributed greatly towards the use of Facebook for marketing purposes. While the website has seen many changes over the years, the most dramatic one took place in September 2011: The Facebook Timeline. With the launch of this feature user’s profiles were converted into a chronological collection of activity.

On 1st February 2012, Facebook filed for IPO with a valuation of $100 billion. This cash infusion in the company is expected to result into further innovation and exceptional growth of an already popular website.

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