The New Facebook: Love It Or Hate It?

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It should come as no surprise that Facebook has yet again undergone a dynamic change to the layout of its website. Changes have been made right from the home page to the user profile. While some changes are huge, others are minor yet have a considerable impact. Let’s take a look at some of the features that have changed in the past few days:

Mark as Top Story

Like a particular brand more than the other? Now you can mark an update as a “Top Story” in order to get more frequents posts from that specific brand and give it better priority in your news feed.

Brand drop down

On the left corner of a particular brand post you have the options of Hiding brand feeds and reporting Spam.

Real time feeds

In an effort to emulate the best aspect of Twitter, Facebook has now started displaying real time updates from your friends as well as the brands you follow.


Every post / status update will simultaneously feature in ‘Recent Stories’ as well as in the Real-Time updates. This new development will help enhance the visibility of a particular update. Is Facebook going on the same lines as Google search?


The USP of Google Plus was its ‘Circles’ feature which allowed users to put their friends in specific circles and select what to share with a particular Circle. In comes Facebook and takes over the one asset that supposedly set Google Plus apart. Say hello to the ‘Lists’ feature which pretty much does the same thing the ‘Circles’ does: Puts your friends in specific lists and allows you the ability to share as much or as little as you like. Now you can be rest assured that your parents wont accidentally stumble onto pictures from Saturday night’s party!


Creating an album too has some subtle changes. While uploading an option you can select the lists which will have visibility and access to the album. Once the album is uploaded it will appear in News Feeds in the following way:


How friends see profile

Want to get an idea how your profile looks like to others? On the top right corner of your profile page you can choose the “View As” option and type the name of a friend in the box that follows. This will modify the view depending on the user you chose. Definitely a great tool to help you modify your privacy settings.

People to subscribe to

No more do you need to befriend people in order to get access to their feeds. With the option of subscribing you can keep a track of peoples updates on a regular basis.

Friend Activity

If you and your friend both follow the same brand, you can choose to filter activity on a Brand Page in order to view updates and interaction only from your friends.

Impressions Before

Impressions After

Earlier Brands were able to monitor the impressions on particular posts. However, this has changed and impressions are only visible by going to “Insights” and not on the post directly.

Brand Update

Sending Updates to fans will now be barred from 30th September. Brands will no longer be able to send generic messages and will need to message individually or post update on their wall.

Here’s a sneak peek into yet another amazing feature set to hit your Facebook Profile’s; Let there be music!!

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