The 'Next Step' In Your Social Media Campaign

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Believe it or not, there is more to social media than just following people, rounding up fans or, more recently, “circling” people! As a brand manager your job does not stop once you reach your target of fans or the number of people you need in your circle. With Google coming up with brand-specific Google Plus profiles, it has become even more important for marketers to have a concrete and beneficial social media strategy in place.

The most important thing to remember is to look past the numbers, Klout score or Peer Index. Take a closer look into your community and actually understand your target audience. Focus on the audience that will bring you value as opposed to quantity.

Organization is crucial in order to avoid any haphazard targeting and losing out on important details. If you do this in the beginning of your social media marketing attempts you will definitely face lesser problems when your fans increase.

Having a social media checklist will help you prioritize your time and allow you to concentrate on the more important tasks as opposed to going into it with blind folds. Always remember to visit your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus profiles on a regular basis to understand the kind of activity happening and try to be a part of it wherever possible. Fans definitely love brands that listen and interact on a personal level.

While gathering fans is important, it is equally important to weed out the ones that are not bringing the brand any value. Do not hesitate to remove people from your list of fans or followers. This will provide opportunity to concentrate on the fans that help you brand grow further and show genuine interest.

Social media is growing at breakneck speed. After Google, Microsoft is on its way to making an announcement regarding a new social networking platform. In times like this brands must gear up and find strategies to make the most of their time and fine tune their strategies to bring in value.

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