The Social Media “Not-To-Do” List

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Tips and tricks to improve your social media strategies are easily found all over the web. What is important to know are the points that you need to avoid while creating a social media strategy and ensure that you do not make irreversible mistakes. Sharing is a crucial aspect of social media but you must make sure that sharing does not turn into spamming.

While the main purpose of social media marketing is to promote your brand, crossing the line with your attempts can be quite hazardous to your reputation. For e.g. Do not post the exact same message on your brand page or related pages as it will come across as spam and turn off the users. Plan your content with the motive of engaging and entertaining users and not just with a sales perspective.

Users might follow a lot of brands who are into the same industry as you. What sets your brand apart from others is the kind of content that you choose in order to promote your brand. Engage users in conversations rather than constantly bombarding them with promotional content about your products. While promos are important, it is important not to go overboard and annoy the users.

One of the key aspects of social media management is to know exactly how to respond to customer queries and comments. This knack of talking to your customers effectively will be responsible for fostering loyalty and ensuring that your fans continue to engage with your brand. Respect the fan and take comments seriously instead of dismissing the ones that are not favorable.

Most companies dream of creating a viral marketing campaign that will take the social media world by storm and take the brand to new heights. However, it is important to remember that viral social media campaigns can also hurt a brand and hence it is important to be cautious about the kind of approach you choose.

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