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You have created a shiny new brand page on Facebook and started tweeting regularly; what next? Your duties do not end once you create the necessary profiles in order to actively indulge in social media marketing. While getting started with social media may seem like a cumbersome task and cause you to heave a sigh of relief once done, the bigger step is what comes next: Building Traffic. No matter how great your brand or product category is, you are bound to hit a wall when it comes to traffic generation. While there is no sure shot formula to getting traffic, here are some ways in which you can increase your chances of generating valuable traffic:

The first step in getting good audience to your social media profile is by having a proper description which will reflect your strong points and attract your target audience. Make sure your tone of voice depends on the kind of audience you are seeking. For e.g. Formal language is best suited if you aim to attract business professionals while informal language works best if you plan to attract a younger crowd such as college students.

Social media is meant to be ‘social’. Interaction is the most important aspect of your social media activity. It is unwise to post good content and move on without keeping the conversation alive. The whole point of social media is to involve your existing audience in order to create a buzz which will attract new users. If you have a post or a tweet that is “share-worthy” then don’t hesitate to request your fans to retweet it. However, learn to draw a line between requesting and spamming.

Growing your target audience is a daily activity. Don’t just take painstaking attempts once in a while. Instead have a daily schedule where you implement methods that will contribute to traffic growth. Consistency is an important factor in drawing audience and helps bring quality traffic.

The biggest concern in the online space today is the supposed lack of privacy. Believe it or not, excess of privacy will actually do your brand more harm than good! Users want to know about your brand and get the inside scoop. Therefore, know exactly how much to hide and how much you can afford to reveal. Make it a point to use your real name on your profiles. No one is going to take something like “Social Media Is Awesome” very seriously.

Last, but not the least, try not to get your hands in too many pies at the same time. Concentrate on a specific goal and aim to reach for that.

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