Top Marketing Trends of 2011 and Their Usage In 2012

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The past two years have been absolutely crucial for social media marketing. The industry exploded and majority of the brands created their presence on the social networks. Why are brands clamoring to create a niche for themselves on social platforms? The most important benefit that this form of marketing provides is that it gives companies a direct access to their consumers and allows them to get an insight into what the consumers think about their brand. With a large number of people spending several hours of their day on social networks, brands can benefit greatly by figuring out where their primary audience is and targeting them accordingly.

In 2011, content got recognized as an important marketing tool. Google’s Panda updates emphasized the need for high quality and original content in order to have a high search ranking. While creating content for social media it is important to keep your target audience in mind so that you can create appropriate content to engage your audience. Starting a discussion or asking for feedback can open avenues for receiving quality user generated content.

Along with an online presence it has become imperative to create a mobile presence for your brand. With devices like tablets and Smartphones, most users are in the habit of being online constantly. Figure out the best usage of mobile marketing for your brand and ensure that you implement it to make the most of this medium. Social media marketing is a dynamic field and is constantly evolving. It is important to keep up with the growing trends and learn how to adapt them for your brand.

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