In-House Photo Sharing To Bring Benefits To Twitter And Its Users

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Photo Sharing is by far one of the most important features that Twitter gravely lacks. Currently, users who want to post pictures have to do it through popular photo sharing platforms like Twitpic, Yfrog, Instagram and Flickr. While Twitter is unwilling to comment on this new development to their site, it is said that the new feature will closely resemble the values that these third party apps provide. Smartphone users may be able to take a picture and easily share it via their twitter accounts instead of having to use another platform.

The primary reason why Twitter will benefit from integrating a photo-sharing option is that it will enable all users to effortlessly share their pictures. More often than not, less tech savvy users may not make use of the third party photo-sharing apps and choose to opt out of sharing pictures. This will considerably reduce Twitter’s count of active users. Twitter has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to be at par with Facebook when it comes to number of active users. The new photo sharing feature will definitely contribute towards this goal.

Simplicity for the users is important in order to increase retention and frequency of usage. Twitter is taking steps towards enhancing usability of their site. Recently they revamped the site and changed its interface in order to enable existing and new users to understand the site and its services faster. A richer and comfortable user experience will undoubtedly increase Twitter’s count of active users.

Insider sources claim that the new feature will be called “Twimg” and Twitter has already started testing out the feature through a test account. Twitter users enjoy sharing pictures through their accounts and this new development will make photo sharing a piece of cake. Looks like Twitter will have to continue bringing features in-house if they wish to increase user base and harbour retention.

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