Twitter Turns To Brand Pages: Increases Its Appeal To Brand Owners

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Facebook rules the roost as the preferred social media platform for brands to showcase themselves to their target audience and interact effectively with them. These Facebook pages give brands the advantage of having their personal space on the social networking site and create a unique identity. Twitter tried creating a similar opportunity for brands by providing the option of Promoted Accounts that would basically push brand tweets and give them a boost in terms of attention and revenue. Twitter now plans to launch brand pages that provide the same value as Facebook pages and eventually lead on to better revenue and brand adoption for the site.

The resemblance between Twitter pages and Facebook pages is striking. The basic structure of these pages will be the same and have a landing page where brands can promote their offerings and interact with their target audience. Twitter aims to capitalize on its ever growing number of followers and provide brands with an even more active fan following. Currently it does not have a major hook for brands like Facebook does with the exception of Promoted Accounts and Sponsored Tweets. The most important reason why brands would want to come onto Twitter is owing to large user base. While Facebook has more users than Twitter, the latter definitely has a much more active user base with people updating their tweets by the second. Twitter spokesperson has claimed that brands are definitely showing interest in this latest development and the potential benefits that they can derive from it.

The question remains: Can Twitter provide the value that Facebook has done for its brands via Brand pages? What works in Twitter’s favor is that they have the most active user base with the social networking site being updated every split second. How Twitter utilizes this strength to their advantage is, however, yet to be seen.

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