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‘Social’ is definitely one of the most talked about terms when it comes to promoting a particular brand in the modern Internet era. ‘Go Social’ is something that most marketers must have told their clients in order to reach out to a much wider audience that is proactive and will have higher level of brand adoption. While making your brand social may seem a simple enough task involving a Facebook page or a Twitter profile, social media marketing is definitely much more than a simple update. There are 2 very important elements that have to merge effectively in order to make a brand social: Culture and Technology.

Culture is highly dynamic and evolves constantly. It is a mark of a highly effective marketer to constantly keep up with the changing culture to ensure that their brand stays ahead in the race. When the internet revolution began we were way more comfortable sharing our private information than we are now. Over time people became more cautious and wanted to share a very small percentage of their information and maintain their privacy at the same time. The key trick for brands here is to strike an effective balance between adequate contact with the audience without crossing their privacy barriers and coming across as spam.

Technology is another important facet that affects a brands social marketing strategy. Over the last decade of the internet’s existence, technology has evolved exponentially and new tools are being constantly added which simplify tasks for social media marketers. Basically both these elements of culture and technology come in tandem thanks to the new tools that have been invented. These tools allow marketers to promote the brand keeping the cultural barriers and restrictions in mind.

For optimum benefit to the brand both these elements need to evolve together and remain in sync in order to have a well promoted and audience friendly brand.

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