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When you are looking out for a new job, what is the first thing you do? Most of us start off by asking our closest friends if they have heard of any vacancies or opportunities. However, a study conducted by Mark Granovetter for the American Journal of Sociology showed us that distant connections can often be far more effective. The study known as the “Strength of Weak Ties” stated that a lot of new perspective can be explored by interacting with weak ties rather than concentrate solely on strong ones.

Consider this theory in the B2B scenario. Most organizations have a clear cut business plan where they connect with direct leads and enquiries that will help they achieve their targets. It is important to remember that a lot of business still happens through referrals. The same concept can be applied for social media. A brand can get a lot of attention through word-of-mouth publicity. It is these distant connections that brands need to watch out for and should try to connect with if they wish to expand their boundaries. Twitter is a great platform for locating distant connections in the form of followers of followers and so on.

Creative ideas can often be best generated from a group of individuals who are completely independent of your group. People in your group already have an ideal solution for your problem and can at times not go beyond the set thinking pattern. However a fresh perspective can often bring out unique solutions that might be more valuable. While making your social media marketing plan you should stop and get a deep insight into your network. Try to understand how your network functions and create a plan that will best help you effectively put it to use.

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