We Bid Adieu To Facebook Places!

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Launched barely a year ago, Facebook bids adieu to its Places features. For more reasons than one, the Facebook Places feature never caught on to the “Check-In” buzz which surrounded rivals like Foursquare. Either Foursquare was too big or users were tiring of geolocation apps. This in no way means that Facebook has ended its relation with location tagging altogether. After the end of Facebook Places, the social media giant plans to come up with a lot more options for location tagging that are more likely to go down well with the users.

Facebook now plans to provide users with the option of tagging their location to just about any update! Whether it’s a status message or a photo upload, you can state its location in order to take tagging to a whole new level. No matter what your device, you can now tag your location as opposed to the Places feature which was available only via Smartphones.

Will Privacy turn out to be a victim of this new development to the site? Apparently not! Facebook representatives claim that privacy will continue to be at the forefront of Facebook’s values. Users can choose who gets to view particular posts including the ones with location incorporated in them.

Foursquare is most likely to gain from the demise of Facebook Places. While they are already ahead in their game, this development in Facebook will do them more good than harm. They don’t seem to be losing out on the opportunity and are making announcements that will boost interactions with users and foster loyalty.  Foursquare was probably always preferred as users would have only a limited set of friends, ones whom they were comfortable sharing their location with. Facebook on the other hand is a meeting ground of everyone from best buddies to random acquaintances. People certainly don’t want to broadcast their location to everyone under the sun!

Looks like we have to wait and watch whether the new location tagging features will turn out to be a phoenix from the ashes of Facebook Places or go the same way.

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