What’s all the buzz about Social Media Marketing?

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With everyone focusing on social media, the only question that comes to my mind is what’s all the buzz about? This field has certainly picked up momentum with of course Facebook being the most popular platform.  The experts believe that billions of dollars will be invested in social media in the year 2013, but the question is, is the money being spent wisely?

Normally a business would opt for social media when its aim is to create brand awareness. That’s what most of us think.  Business firms believe that Social Media is a way to bring in revenue for their firm. Of course there is no denying that social media does bring in a small part of revenue directly but the larger picture is brand awareness and the revenue as a result of that.

The main point of focus is what exactly are the brands trying to do on social media? Statistics showed only a quarter of consumers use social media to follow or keep-up-to date with companies or brands (26%) instead most use it as a means to keep in touch with friends and family (78%). As the psychological mind works we tend to purchase something when it’s been recommended by someone we know rather than the brand spelling it out to buy a particular product.

If I had to comment on how social media needs to make a mark, even if you outsource your social media marketing, make sure the Social Media Company knows that you need to treat the company page as your own. It has to have that effectiveness, that rawness to make sure that the brand connects at all levels. The minute a consumer will see a change in the tone of communication, he/she won’t be interested anymore.

In all means if I were a fan/follower of a particular page I would be annoyed to receive continuous messages from that particular page, I would altogether stop following that brand and as a result not consider it anymore. Find this hard to believe? Let’s see what research tells us.

Research shows that consumers don’t like unsolicited messages from brands they don't follow, and 65% said they would stop using a brand altogether as a result of irritating social media messages.

To conclude, it’s all about making sure the things you do are relevant to your page. A social media campaign will never work if it doesn’t relate to the ideology of the company and what the consumer makes out of it. 


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