Who has more “character”? Google+ or Facebook?

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The Google Plus – Facebook war seems to have reached a new level. Although Google announced that their updates have no character limit, tests revealed that posts beyond 100,000 characters would result in errors. In what looks like competitive behavior, Facebook upped their character limit from 500 to 5000 in September and recently took it to 60,000 characters: 63,206 to be precise! This gives users the opportunity to write entire blog posts and put up large content pieces. While Facebook hasn’t announced war directly, it is definitely a smart move to challenge Google’s quantitative advantage. In effect Facebook has eliminated talks of things that the social networking site lacks as compared to its competitors.

So now that you have a vast playing field when it comes to your Facebook status update, what can you use it for? JK Rowling would have definitely appreciated the new development as it would have allowed her to put up approximately 1/10th of her first Harry Potter book in one single post! She could have displayed the novel in 10 status updates. Sounds a lot more convenient that paperback doesn’t it? Approximately 452 tweets could fit within the boundaries of a new Facebook status!

Want to bestow birthday greetings on a dear one? Within 63206 characters you can put up the “Happy Birthday” song almost 329 times. What’s more? Almost 75% of Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors’, the last three episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and a large chunk of the Constitution!

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