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Facebook timeline contest also known as sweepstakes are nothing but simple contests that you run on your Facebook business page. It is a great way to gain engagement for a brand. Facebook timeline contests are simple, engaging and it helps gain brand visibility and loyal customers.

Which contests work and why?

I have conducted a number of Timeline contests for a BFSI client on their Facebook page. In my experience, generic and simple contests work the best.

Contest Analysis

Contest: A
Participants were required to identify famous financial investors based on the image shown to them. The contest ran for 10 days.

Contest: B
We centered our contest on Budget 2014. A Q&A format was used in this contest which ran for 3 days.

Contest: C
Contest C was a conducted on facts of the financial world with an image correlated to the question. This contest was conducted over the span of 2 weeks with only one question posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Contest: D
Contest D was a conducted over a period of one month; we posted a set of 4 questions on every Wednesday. We noticed that our fans were most active on Wednesdays. The number of active fans was also higher when compared to the other days.

We had a different format for each Wednesday. E.g.: True or False, Who is he? Etc. This contest had a strong mix of image and text content.

  • Image speaks louder than words. This phenomenon is clearly seen in Contest A
  • Contest B performed well considering the contest was conducted for a span of 3 days and it was factual in nature
  • In Contest C, users anticipated the questions to be posted without any gaps in between the days and there was a huge engagement drop due to the time lag
  • Contest D’s performance can be attributed to users being highly active on Wednesdays and also the combination of image and test content worked really well and different formats kept users engaged

Tips to Run Successful Facebook Timeline Contests

  • Tip #1: Promote the contest few days in advance. Make use of Facebook Advertising to boost your posts to gain maximum reach
  • Tip #2: Keep your contests simple. Formats like; Quiz, Puzzle, Crosswords etc., work the best
  • Tip #3: Time your contests perfectly! Festivals and important holidays should be noted in advance
  • Tip #4: Make sure your fans are aware of the Terms and Conditions of the contest way in advance
  • Tip #5: Cross promote you contest! This will help increase engagement rate of the overall contest

How to Choose a Winner

  • Pick a winner who has been consistent in answering your questions throughout the contest
  • Acknowledge users who have been loyal to your business page by giving them free merchandise/products of your brand
  • If you have a really loyal user, they can also turn into prospective leads!


In my experience conducting contests on your business page helps gain visibility for your brand and increases engagement as well. To gain better engagement rate while hosting a contest, do run a promoted post as this will help you increase your reach.

Have you conducted any timeline contests for your brand? What steps have you taken to boost your engagement?

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