YouTube Copyright Violators Will Now End Up In School

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Looks like our dreaded school days are going to come back and haunt us: only if we break the rules! YouTube has decided to take the concept of  ”teaching a lesson” to a whole new level as they introduced a “Copyright School” as a form of punishment for video pirates.

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If you take a look at it from a practical standpoint it seems that YouTube is probably trying to save the apple after most of it has gone rotten. The whole concept of explaining the copyright law and infringement policies would be ideal if imparted to user while they first started using the website to post videos rather than after they were already well versed in the practice. The admission to the “Copyright School” is a fairly simple procedure. Individuals who break the rules have to sign up for the school, watch a 5 minute video and answer a couple of True-or-False questions in order to continue using the site. All I can say at this point is: “If I am shrewd enough to post pirated content then I probably am well verse in cheating on a basic online test”. Also if I compulsively post pirated videos I probably would not be put in my place by a bunch of “Happy Tree Friends” trying to give me a supposedly stern lecture on copyright crime.

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But then again, as a viewer most of us are probably on the site to view videos about upcoming videos or listen to songs by our favorite stars. The last thing we want is a random person creating “original content” by unleashing his singing talent on innocent viewers. Will a blue cartoon squirrel be able to put an end to this vicious circle?

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That being said, the video could definitely be used for the purpose that it has been created: except as an introduction to the site instead of a last resort to stop illegal activity. A cartoon does not seem like a strong enough resource to stop people from committing an illegal activity that they have mastered. Why wait for people to infringe on copyright laws before spreading awareness?

P.S. Interestingly; although this video has gone viral it seems to have rubbed people the wrong way considering the number of ‘Dislikes’ it has received are way higher than the number of  ’Likes’ .

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  1. This is insane! Hats of to YouTube for introducing this initiative but at the end of the day the challenge of finding out duplicate content is something that i will be watching closely!

    Nice Article!

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