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Last week YouTube made two important additions to its video sharing site. The first was to include Orson Welles’ famous movie ‘Citizen Kane’ to its list of full length movies to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the movie. The second change included adding a new feature to the site: Video Editing!

Users can now edit their videos on the site itself while maintaining the same video ID. For brands that use YouTube as an important part of their social media marketing efforts this comes as great news. No more do you need additional video editing software to make changes to videos in order to upload them on YouTube.

More than 100 million videos are viewed and millions of new visitors are added to the site each day. What do these statistics tell you? These numbers are an indication of the fact that YouTube marketing can be a great boon for your business if used wisely. Companies are aware that YouTube is a platform for hosting and viewing videos. The question, however, is: What kind of video should you upload to promote your business? Some of the type of videos that work well for your brand are Business presentations in a video format, Training videos such as “How To” videos, Help videos that will work well for problem solving, Marketing videos that depict the best aspects about your brand and videos of any events that your company has hosted or been a part of. Each type of video has its own advantage and will undoubtedly benefit your marketing strategies.

You must also remember that the quality of your video says a lot about your brand. Make sure you put up high quality videos that are well edited and have good clarity. Don’t forget to get creative with your content. There are millions of videos on the channel and most of those are viewed regularly. It is up to you to ensure that your video stands apart and attracts attention to your organization.

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