Do You Know The Value Of a Facebook Fan? (Part 1)

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If you spice up your search engine marketing strategies with social media marketing plans, then you can surely increase your sales within no time. You can enhance your SEO results by including social media optimization in your search engine marketing plan. If you want to lead the search engine rankings in present time, then you have to understand the nuances and the benefits of social media for your search engine marketing.  You must be aware of various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn which are making news everywhere and if you use these sites in your search engine optimization process, then you will surely get higher SEO results. Ideally, you should focus on Facebook since it will offer you various ways like fan pages to strengthen your social media marketing practices.

If the amount of your Facebook fans were an indication of the number of sales, then you must have equaled more number of fans to higher sales. But if you want to realize the potential of your social media optimization, then you have to consider many other factors that are responsible for the popularity of your Facebook fan base. Do you know the value of your Facebook fans? If no, then you must come up with various SEO strategies to define the value of your fan. Though, for you, it might not be easy to analyze the value of your fan because many other important aspects are also involved in your search engine marketing efforts. But if you think that more number of fans means more sales, then you should think again because in that case Lamborghini would be selling more cars as compared to Toyota which is not true and that is true for social media optimization as well.

Now you must be thinking that if number of fans is not directly related to higher sales, then what exactly is the value of your Facebook fans? If you want to get maximum results from your search engine marketing, then you must understand the psyche of people as to why they become fans at first place. If you have fans for your products and services, then it will surely benefit your social media marketing because these fans will share their experiences of your product. You will also witness a shocking ratio of fans to the sales in case of brands like Lamborghini where people might become your fan but they will never buy your product because their pocket does not allow.

If someone becomes fan of your product, then they will allow others also to know more about your product and this will help you generate more revenues from your social media marketing efforts.

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