Do You Know The Value Of a Facebook Fan? (Part 2)

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By incorporating social media optimization in your search engine marketing you can be sure of deriving higher ROI. If you understand the importance of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, then you can get higher results from all your SEO activities. You have to keep in mind that your fans on Facebook help in generating more sales and also enhance the popularity of your products or services. Ideally, you should include various social media marketing activities in your search engine marketing so that you can enhance the visibility of your website by attracting more traffic. You must be aware of the fact that each person’s newsfeed reaches 164 friends on Facebook, so every time your user becomes a fan, 164 other people get the opportunity to know more about your brand. If you want to strengthen your search engine marketing practices, then you should tap the potential of various fans on your Facebook account because through all your fans, you can actually build your brand.

You might find it difficult to understand and evaluate the value of your fan in your social media marketing efforts but once you realize that, you can easily maximize your SEO results. If you want to establish value for your fans, then best thing you can do is estimate the cost of buying those 164 impressions. If someone becomes a fan of your company or product on Facebook, then they can influence others also and this value chain will help you in getting maximum results from your social media marketing and search engine marketing. If you get to know that your fans will influence many others in the chain, then you can tag this fan phenomenon as profitable to your social media optimization. You can calculate the value of your fans by evaluating your profits from the SEO profits generated through your customer’s initial order and other corresponding orders of your products.

If you want to enhance your search engine marketing, then it is crucial for you to evaluate the performance of your fans which will further help you with your social media optimization also. You must be aware of the fact, that certain type of high level tracking is not available today but you can make use of some other tracking techniques to analyze the results of your SEO activities through the inclusion of social media marketing. You should gain more insight into the value of your fans and to attract more fans, you can provide your users with special offers highlights on various fan pages. If your fans react to this special offer, then you can calculate the number of sales and can estimate the value of your fans in your search engine marketing results

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