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Several users all over the world have been complaining about Facebook being unavailable for the last few hours. Facebook is a prime source of interacting and marketing in the social media scenario. Although Facebook is expected to resolve the issue anytime soon, most users have already tweeted about this issue and given it considerable media attention all over the world. It is a rare occurrence for a site like Facebook to face inexplicable delay and that for a long period of time. This down time is gaining attention from brands that use Facebook actively for marketing their products. Although Facebook has been reporting that the site is back is action, users are still unable to load any pages. Though cell phone users are able to view the site in its proper functionality, the main website is still suffering from several issues worldwide.

With 500 million users getting affected, and the launch of supposed rival Diaspora just around the corner, we really hope Facebook resolves this soon!

Update – 6:10 PM – We’re able to access Facebook now.. although people are still reporting that the site is unavailable.

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