Finding The Buzz on Google Buzz Part1

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With the advent of various social networking websites, sharing images, videos and text messages with your friends has become a common practice these days. These websites have radically transformed the social media optimization process. It has attracted many web surfers and has served as a medium of advertising, helping in social media marketing of various goods and services.

The latest entrant in the sphere of social media optimization is the Google Buzz. Updating status messages, uploading recent pictures and videos, setting and seeing updates in real-time, sharing stuff publicly and privately is what Google Buzz offers.

The online search targeted advertising network Chitika reports that Google buzz started off very well. Several SMO and SEO professionals observed 1500 searches for Google buzz, the day it was launched. The number was 15 times more than the number of searches for Twitter. Google Buzz actually gave a buzz to the search engine optimization process. However, the process was short lived and started sinking immediately. The Buzz popularity started declining as it failed to provide some new and hot stuff to the users.

Chitika reports that the number of searches for Google Buzz declined rapidly in the following days. On the second day, there were just 580 searches and on the third day, only 147. After this three day period, Google buzz failed to get searches in three digits and finally buzzed off the web searches.

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