Finding The Buzz on Google Buzz Part2

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According to the ad network Chitika, Google buzz is lying on a death bed and the reason is that it lacks its main element – buzz. The statement holds true when seen from search engine optimization perspective. Even Google’s very own Insights for Search research tool iterated the same story earlier. It highlighted the loopholes in the Buzz system that caused a disinterest among the users. Not only Google’s Insights for Search, but every social media optimization player saw a dwindling interest in Google buzz. Though the program managed to hit the headlines of almost every e-paper, it failed to generate enough fan following.

The buzz on the Google Buzz received a varied feedback. Some people found it good and interesting while many others found it dull and boring. In fact, many SEO and SMO professionals criticized it. Their response compelled the Google team to make some alterations in the way Buzz works. Whatever the feedback was in the initial stages, the real feedback is what is visible today – declining popularity and diminishing interest in the Buzz service.

All we can do is hope for a better future for Buzz. Recalling the early days of other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, these sites also faced many challenges. But now have traveled a long way and have apparently become dominant players in the field of social networking and social media marketing.

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