Google says 'Buzz Off' to Twitter, Facebook?

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Google Buzz allow users to share photos, videos, links, and status updates with their friends, as well as discuss shared content – pretty much a compilation of Facebook, Twitter and Friendster. So, what is Google really up to??

Although Gmail doesn’t have as large a user base (approx 146 Million?) as compared to Facebook, (400 million and counting); Google definitely must mean business with Buzz. Ads have already started showing up on buzz (haha, didn’t you notice yet?), and Developers have already started creating Buzz apps. Of course, it has been a little rocky for Buzz, with privacy issues causing major discontent with users, but Google has been quick in response, making modifications, even with an option to even block buzz completely – Read Google’s Official Post here.

But the message seems to be clear – Google, with its experience in making business sense from ‘cool’ stuff, is taking on the Social Media sphere.. ‘Buzz Off’, competition! :P

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  1. It’s good to see that Google is listening and acting on the feedback given by the users. This is evident from the fact that Google immediately acted upon the privacy issue which shows Google is actually proactive and is serious about Buzz and didn’t launch Buzz just to show more ads :)

  2. That’s just it, it is a compilation of twitter and facebook. The reason why I (and many other people) like facebook and twitter and because they are two distinct services serving completely different purposes. They aren’t confusing, using hem is intuitive, they are (were) unique, original, and fun to use. Google Buzz seems like it’s just trying to get a piece of the pie that doesn’t belong to them. Google should stick to what it knows best, and should stop trying to come out with copies of what others are doing.

  3. I understand why Google wants a piece of the cake, but it is hard to accept Google Buzz as a poential Facebook killer. Am I wrong?

  4. I think that Google will find it increasingly difficult to catch up with Facebook. The appeal of Facebook is that all of your friends already have it. Surely this would mean that Gmail will grow at a rate much slower in comparison to Facebook as most new members are brought in through referrals.

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