Micro Goals for Social Media Optimization Campaigns Part 1

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If you are planning to do something under the umbrella of web marketing, then you cannot ignore the advantages offered by social media marketing. You have to be careful with your social media optimization because if it is not properly devised, then your entire SEO process will suffer due to it. Ideally, you should set some goals for your social media marketing campaign because once goals are set, you would be able to achieve them systematically and this will further help you with SEO results. As a smart marketing professional, you need to understand the importance of setting micro goals which will help you track large collection of insignificant numbers. If you are aiming at higher profits, then you have to fine tune your social media campaign so that you can add more value to your campaign. You have to modify your campaign on regular basis so that you can improve your performance with each passing day.

As an SEO expert, you employ various strategies to make your campaign successful; here also you have to tweak your social media optimization campaign in order to make it more effective and useful. If you form micro goals, then it becomes easy for you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your social media marketing campaign. Once you know the things that will work for your campaign, you can easily include them and can delete the ones which are not working for your campaign. You have to understand that micro goals are the metrics and they will help you solve the mystery of SEO campaign results. You have to ensure that your metrics are in sync with your campaign because this will take you in the way of acquiring information which will further help you refine your social media marketing campaigns.

If you have launched a new piece of content on your blog, then you have to push it through social networks. Your content is aimed at informing the people about the new product offering and you can easily do it by adding a video to your existing blog. Suddenly you experience a good amount of traffic but to your surprise sales start dropping and then you realize that your social media marketing campaign has certain flaw areas which need to be tackled. If you have set micro goals for your blog, then it will automatically help you find the real story. You might come across a situation wherein the social media optimization campaign looks good on traffic, links and social mentions; however there is a decline in engagement related metrics.

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