Micro Goals for Social Media Optimization Campaigns Part 2

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You invest big bucks in a social media marketing campaign; therefore you should focus on making it a success by setting micro goals. Ideally your main aim should be to match what you know with what you have planned as a part of your SEO strategy. Your main campaign idea should be properly reviewed and then match it with the metrics. You know that inclusion of video has led to the increase in traffic of your website and through word of mouth; you have good increased number of links. While doing so, you might come to know that though you have invested a huge amount on adding a video to your blog, however you are not hitting the right target. This will ultimately affect your social media marketing results because what you have planned is not matching with your current performance. After analyzing this, you will try and improve your next social media optimization campaign by making it more audience centric.

If you deviate from your target audience, then not just social media marketing but also your SEO results will suffer. You will learn that targeting your social media optimization campaign on broad basis will not be beneficial for your company. When you formulate micro goals, then you will be having different metrics and hence different conclusions. If you are promoting a product like a cell phone which nearly anyone can use, then this might lead to increase in links, shared comments and traffic to your website, but it might not allow you to earn the benefits of conversion. In such a situation your social media marketing results will suffer and this will affect your performance. You have to derive some conclusion from variations in the metrics and when you do like this, your SEO will also improve with time.

You will come across increase in the number of page visits and strong increase in time on site, but you might not get the desired conversion. As part of your social media optimization plan you will not find any reason why your site which is getting so much traffic has almost zero conversion rate. In such situation, you have to revisit your site and analyze your social media optimization strategy followed. While designing your website, you might have missed out on some of the important parts which is affecting your conversion rate. Ask you friend to visit the video posted on your blog and then you will find that there is no button called ‘order now’ and then you will come across the reason for your low performing social media marketing campaign.

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