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Twitter has become an imperative part of a company’s marketing strategy. Twitter has grown exponentially in the past few years and has become an important platform of communication between people and brands. According to a research there are approximately 65 million tweets being put up on the site every day. This provides a huge opportunity for brands who want to reach out to an audience that not only listens but actually reciprocates. Although there are certain risks associated with this level of engagement. A negative tweet can go as viral as a positive one. With an almost potent level of attraction Twitter poses for brands; marketers are scrambling to truly understand the statistics of Twitter and to implement it effectively to their benefit. The roadblock here is that gathering data from a fast moving medium like Twitter becomes a near impossible task. Privacy rules also hinder the progress of crawlers wishing to track and quantify the medium.

As a solution to this dilemma, researchers at Telefonica Spain have created a virtual Twitter world that replicates the properties of Twitter without any actual people tweeting. The concept of this experiment is to provide a virtual Twitterverse that will generate data that is similar to the real world Twitter and can then be applied in it for brands to achieve higher success rates. They have named this program as SONG i.e. Social Network Write Generator. There are certain drawbacks to this creation that still need to be perfected. Researchers cannot say for certain to what extent this data resembles the real Twitter and whether it is ready to be adopted completely. Only time and further research will give brands the real degree to which this program can be taken at face value. However, the success of this experiment will bring about a dynamic change in the research methods conducted by brands regarding social media marketing.

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  1. Twitter users hate spam and they hate companies trying to advertise on twitter. If a company wants to be present on Twitter they have to be very careful how they approach their customers.

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