Searching for Old Tweets? Pt 3

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You can now reap higher results from search engine marketing as Google will help you out in strengthening the process of your social media optimization through its various tools. You should grab hold of all the possible alternatives to strengthen your search for old tweets in Twitter. If you want to make your social media marketing more effective, then you have to seek Google’s help which will always lead you to the right path and will improve your search engine marketing results. While working on your social media optimization plan, you have to focus on all the possible manners through which you can enjoy the benefits of your social media marketing.

So, if you need to find your old tweet on Twitter, then Google will help you reach out to that particular page. Though you must be aware of the Google’s real time search and Bing’s Twitter search but in your case of finding old tweets, this might not work for you in narrowing down your Twitter search. If you want to fully optimize your social media marketing plan, then you have to trust the regular Google search and here all you need to change is the way to search. You can type google on in your address bar and by doing this you will only find Twitter searches through Google. Now, you have all the ways to streamline your search engine marketing efforts and can also increase your ROI.

Once you have typed this URL, now you can click on the Show Option feature to recover all the latest tweets which are also date specific. If you try this alternative in your search engine marketing plan, then you will surely derive greater profits from your social media marketing also. You have another great option to recover your old tweets and this can be done very easily. If you want to search for the tweets posted by a particular person, then you can type site: of the person. You have to understand that nothing is impossible in the world of search engine marketing and all these alternatives will serve you the best.

If you want to further focus your Twitter search on a particular topic by that person, then you can add name of the topic after that person’s name in your address bar like site: of the person/topic. If you trust all these Google tips, then you can add consistency to your search engine marketing performance. You can also make use of very convenient way called FriendFeed which is a superb back up service for your old tweets. If you follow all these search options as part of your social media marketing strategies, then you can easily get rid of al your worries related to the performance of your search engine marketing.

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  1. This is really great information. I’ve always wondered if Google indexed URL’s that were entered in Tweets. I’ve put my website URL in several tweets and several times it’s appeared on the first page of search results for certain terms. However, it seems like it is short lived and then it’s removed.

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