Searching for Old Tweets? Pt1

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If you include social media optimization in your search engine marketing plan, then you will surely get enhanced results from all your marketing efforts. You must have observed that the role of social media in your search engine marketing is simply tremendous and if you want to reach out to wider audience base, then social media marketing is ideal for you. Ideally, you should incorporate the use of social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook in your search engine marketing plan to market your products and services since you can attract more visitors through these sites. But with some of the changes in search engines, now you will experience a number of changes in your social media marketing also through Twitter. You must be wondering that where have all the tweets gone because now you cannot find old tweets on Twitter. Suppose, you have posted a tweet week ago, then you won’t find that tweet now. If you are thinking that why this is happening, then you can put all the blame on large number of new tweets everyday.

Your search engine marketing needs a lot of investment and if the desired results are not generated then you might see all your efforts going in vain. If you conduct a Twitter search on ‘happy new year’, then you might expect huge number of searches but unfortunately you will find none. Ideally you should focus on social media optimization as part of your search engine marketing strategies because through this you can increase your reach. On the contrary if you remove the date restriction from your search on Twitter, then you will find great search results. If you are unable to find the tweets, then you can also put the blame on poor search function of Twitter. Your website’s success depends largely on social media marketing and if your users are unable to find the older tweets, then your search engine marketing may not give you the expected ROI. If you increase the page value, even then there are times, when you remain unhappy.

Your idea of including social media marketing in your search engine marketing plan is not wrong but you have to understand the pros and cons of social networking sites so that you can make the right move. Your responsibility is to provide proper information to all your users through variety of relevant search results but if your users suffer, then you might need to revise your social media optimization strategies. If your users are upset with dissatisfactory search results through Twitter, then it is your duty to work on your search engine marketing plan so that you can make it more effective and relevant.

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