Searching for Old Tweets? Pt2

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You must be aware of the advantages of social media optimization if it is included in your search engine marketing plan. But of late, your search engine marketing results might be suffering due to this new Twitter move where you cannot access the old tweets, which is not good for your users. Ideally, it is your duty to offer relevant search results to your users and for this if you take the help of social media marketing then nothing can beat your success. If you are wondering that where have all the tweets disappeared, then the Twitter’s increasing search index is the reason behind this due to which search is experiencing huge volumes of new tweets.

Your search engine marketing is a great tool to ensure higher profits and if you add social media marketing to it, then your users will surely visit your website. If you know the growing importance of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, then you must know that it has certain drawbacks also. You have to keep yourself updated regarding the changes made by social networks like the one did by Twitter wherein they have increased their index size and this is affecting your social media optimization. Your inaccessibility to old tweets is all because of the time the search takes to go back to older tweets.

For your benefit, Twitter is working on this problem so that you can enjoy a better social media optimization and this will further strengthen your search engine marketing. If you are searching for a particular key phrase on Twitter, then you might not find all the results because the tweets are running out of room and are not easily accessible. Now you must have got the answer to all your queries for poor performance of search engine marketing and social media optimization. So, if you want to maximize the results of your search engine marketing, then you have to adopt some more concrete ways to tackle with social media.

If you are thinking that old tweets are simply gone, then you should think again because you have to understand that old tweets are very much safe and online. Your social media marketing might be suffering due to this but you must know that tweets are there is the Twitter search but you just can’t locate them due to new incoming tweets and subsequent increase in size of search index. Your old tweets are safe but through Twitter search you cannot easily reach out to them and this is the reason behind your low performing search engine marketing. You have to make certain efforts to directly reach out to the search page of your choice and this will surely enhance your social media marketing results.

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