Social Media Marketing: Measuring Audience Engagement Part 2

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You must measure the audience engagement in the social media as it will strengthen your social media optimization plan and you can further generate higher profits. Once you have understood the importance of your social media measurement, then you can always improve your content on various social media in order to get in more audience. If you include social media in your search engine marketing, then you should also understand the system of measuring the engagement of your audience.  Apart from your blog comments and Facebook interactions, you can make use of the following ways to streamline your social media marketing.

  • You have to focus on Twitter retweets because highlighting the tweets will not solve your purpose. Your main aim is to engage your audience and you can achieve this by retweets. Your search engine marketing campaign will definitely be benefited by this method as you can measure the audience involvement by focusing on the relevancy of your tweets.
  • You might come across a situation wherein the audience would want to directly associate with your company or brand and this will further improve your social media optimization results. By doing this, you can make long term relationship with your audience which is essential for the success of your social media marketing.
  • For your search engine marketing benefit, you can make use of YouTube video interactions as your metric. You can calculate the video comments, favorites and the ratings to measure the engagement of your audience. By this you can measure the involvement of your audience in your brand’s video. Once you know all this, you can strengthen your social media marketing plan.
  • In YouTube channel interactions, you can measure the channel comments and favorites. If you want to improve your social media marketing results, then you should make use of this metrics as by this you can come to know the engagement of your audience beyond an individual video.
  • As part of your social media optimization plan, you can measure the engagement of your audience in social media through your forums and message boards.
  • You can also use additional engagement metrics and that depends on your brand or the company. If you have made your presence felt through other social media channels, then you need to look out for different metrics. For your social media marketing campaign, the engagement of your audience will be a sum total of above mentioned metrics. Once you have determined the calculation, you can easily identify the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign

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