Social Media Marketing – Why will you need it in 2009

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Social media is in vogue these days. There are tons of social media sites out there and many more are cropping up as I write. One of the reasons social media sites are popular is that they allow users to share & discuss information, exponentially increasing the ways in which people can connect. Since more & more online users are logging into social media sites, it makes perfect business sense to have a social media marketing plan for the coming year.

Reasons you need social media marketing in 2009:
Everyone’s using it
Everyone today is jumping on the social media marketing bandwagon. Your competitors are doing it since it is one of the best channels to build a brand awareness and link popularity. Apart from the competition, your vendors, partners & potential customers are using it. Everyone you know would either be using Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Delicious, MySpace and other high traffic generating websites so might as well go for it.

Faster than Traditional Media
The print and television media are realizing that sites like Digg, Delicious, Twitter etc. are much faster than traditional news wires. A perfect example of this would be Digg, if you Digg a particular URL, it will, that is the Digg-ed result will show up on Google SERP’s in a matter of hours. Due to this it makes sense to market your products or services on social media to target your potential customers.

Good Source for Natural One Way Links
With one way links being given more & more importance by search engines these days, social media marketing is one of the best ways to build quality, natural one way links. Moreover, these social media sites will place a link to your site on a page which either talks about your business or your industry so in addition to the link you also get relevant content.

More Searches means More Customers means More Business
Google is not the only source of information. There is a general trend that users looking for a particular product or service will move on to communities of like minded people once they are done with Google. Social Media sites provide the perfect platform to setup such communities where you can foster a healthy discussion about your offerings. Your best customers are ones who are passionate about your offerings and want to discuss them with others.

Paid Search Prices are seeing an upward trend
Pay Per Click is still considered to be a great solution for Internet Marketing but the market is getting tougher. Click prices are rising by the day and the high traffic generating keywords are eating up most of the budget. In this case an ideal solution would be to have an SEO strategy in place for the primary keywords and target the secondary keywords through PPC. For SEO you need links and one of the best source for one way links is Social Media.

SEO is getting tougher
Considering the speed with which Google and search engines in general are evolving, SEO is getting tougher and tougher. Gone are the days when all you needed to be on the top of Google SERPs was a few links and keyword rich content. These days you need much more than that and that much more involves a lot of money. In addition, personalized search is almost here and to stay on top you need more & more people visiting your site, staying on it and bookmarking it.

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