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The new series of upgrades in Delicious has revolutionized the appeal of social media marketing. These new upgrades have increased the relevance of social bookmarking more than it has ever been in years! Some of these latest upgrades include fresh bookmarks, improved search functionality, and new sharing features.
The new Fresh Bookmarks tab is one of the most popular upgrades that have replaced the ‘Popular Bookmarks’ tab which used to be the default view of Delicious. The pages listed under this tab are indexed through a new algorithm. The parameters considered for indexing include the pages bookmarked by the users of and the topics that are discussed among Twitter users. Some of the common topics that are covered in these fresh bookmarked pages include web, politics, technology, media, etc. Along with this there is a new search function that allows you to search using the ‘filter by tag’ option. The sharing feature introduces the new ‘Send’ tab that appears at the time of saving bookmarks
These upgrades are great news for all those who use delicious. com regularly. Moreover, these features will now attract more people to submit their pages to social bookmarking sites to improve their search engine rankings . Social media marketing  has added a new dimension to search engine optimization, SEO techniques and SEO professionals are now opting for social networking sites for securing better search engine placement.

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