Traffic Attainment in Social Media Optimization – The Tipping Phase – Pt1

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Ever since Social Media Optimization took off as a concept dated around three years back, it has become an increasingly resourceful technique for generating leads and an effective method to manage your company’s online reputation since you get a direct opportunity to interact with the right target audience and your potential consumer groups.

Unlike SEO which can give you relatively fast results for an effectively managed link building campaign, you have to be patient with your SMO campaign since it will take some time to show results! Once your SMO campaign crosses a threshold, your campaign will pick up speed and spread like fire!

I consider a successful Traffic Attainment drive as the Tipping Point of any SMO campaign. You need to optimize your SMO process for the traffic attainment step. This is because even if you make the most amazing piece of content related to you business, it might be of minimal value if your SEO company does not put a thought on some important aspects given below.

The first thing you can do to optimize your Social Media campaign is to sit and understand your business strategy, realize your target audience and then employ the most optimum method to attain traffic for your campaign.

There are 3 cardinal steps in your way to optimize for relevant traffic to flow to your website –

  1. Know your Target Audience -
  2. Without knowing your target audience there’s no way you can offer them a great piece of content to read upon. You need to consider what actions will produce the strongest reaction while consuming the least amount of resources. Primarily take into account what your desired outcome is. Are you looking for increased conversions, traffic, links, brand recognition, reputation management or something else?

  3. Get Ready with your Plan of Action for a fixed timeline –
  4. After you’re sure about the type of users you are planning to optimize your SMO campaign for, the next step would be to choose a fixed timeline for your campaign. Get ready with content rich articles, blog reviews, forum topics, or anything that might interest your user to click on your link. It is very important to think from a user’s perspective while making a plan. Think how will a user benefit from your article, is your blog review optimized to attract and drive them to your website. Adopting unconventional or rather innovative add-ons like incentives, contests or interactive applications can be used to invoke that sense of curiosity in a potential user.

Continued in Part 2

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