Web Analytics To Measure Social Media–Part 1

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Social media has emerged as the most useful tool for search engine marketing and now with the changing times, social media marketing has become the first choice of most of the marketers. Though social media is beneficial for the marketers, however, it has its positives and negatives including measuring the effectiveness of social media. Companies try to optimize the website through social media optimization and with social media turning measurable; things are getting more positive for the marketers. In order to get higher SEO benefits, companies are coming up with different measurement strategies so as to ensure proper implementation of social media optimization. If the companies want to launch effective SEO campaigns, then it is essential to understand the nuances of web analytics in order to measure, monitor and track social media. Even after the social media rage in the marketing world, most of the companies are not aware of the measuring options. It is important for the marketers to comprehend the basics of measuring the effectiveness of social media so as to strengthen the process of social media marketing.

Before starting with a social media marketing campaign, companies must understand that the measurement tool depends on the types of social media being leveraged by the marketers. Careful assessment of the measuring tools is a crucial step in the process of social media optimization. Web analytics is the most reliable and perfect solution for all the social media measuring problems and instead of exploring each and every measuring tool, companies can straightaway choose Web Analytics. Through Web analytics tool, companies can easily segment the useful data in social media and can measure the ongoing SEO and social media optimization campaigns. Companies can also target high quality social media websites and this will help the marketers to leverage these particular sites for future social media marketing campaigns.
Though in social media, most of the activities take place off the site, however, it is equally important to analyze the performance of social media optimization campaigns through various measuring tools. For better analysis of the SEO performance, marketers can focus on two important aspects including

  • Social media referred visits that are attributed to the social media marketing efforts.
  • Social media referred visits that are attributed to the individuals outside of the company.

These sub segments will be of great use in analyzing the SEO performance through Web analytics. If the companies want to create a sub segment for the visits attributed to the individuals, then it becomes quintessential to form a list of keywords as this will also help the marketers in getting higher profits from social media marketing.

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