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Rumors have been flying around for months about the Android 4.0, popularly known as “Ice-Cream Sandwich”. Google finally went public with this ‘sweet’ launch and gave fans a whole new way to experience the Android platform. Before the launch of the Ice-Cream Sandwich users were promised a platform that culminated the best of the Android 3.0 for tablets and the Android 2.3 OS in order to create an interface that provided the best of both worlds. Android 4.0 greets users with the “holographic” interface that was popularized by the Android 3.0 and comes with a lot more apps and widgets.

Speaking of usability, the Ice-Cream Sandwich is a lot more conducive to full touch-screen phone usage rather than phones with hardware buttons. Another factor that is taken from Honeycomb is the ability to open and have all recent programs available in front of you rather than having to go to each individual app and re-opening them. Aesthetically this phone has a much better layout with bold colors and much neater lines giving it a more interesting look. If you are looking for a platform that supports multi-tasking, you will certainly enjoy the opportunity that the Android 4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich provides. Users can also resize widgets and place them according to preference and create organized folders on the home screen. To enhance the camera feature, Google provides an editing facility that allows you to correct your pictures and give them effects instantly.

The best feature about the Android 4.0 is the facial unlocking feature. No more do you need to enter a password every time you want to unlock your phone or worry about people stealing your password. They can’t steal your face, can they?

The Android 4.0 has been launched in tandem with Apple’s iOS 5. The question that users are faced with is: Which is the better OS? Apple users have a slight upper hand when it comes to upgrading to the new OS. All Apple device owners can avail of the upgrade while Android users need to be sure if their device is compatible with the 4.0 or get their hands on a compatible device. However, Android Ice-Cream Sandwich gets an upper hand as it is an open source software while the iOS 5 works only on Apple devices. Modern users prefer a more versatile OS that gives them the option to choose and select the device that works best for their needs.

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