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Trust Steve Jobs to do it in style. He went on a medical leave for an unspecified duration in January this year and came out briefly at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco to unveil a new, free service called iCloud. This was his second outing since January; the first was in March to announce a new iPad.

Onto the service now! It’s an exciting, exciting little thing that stores a user’s account information from several devices. What that means is that even if you use more than one device, you’d have the same information stored across all of them- contacts, calendar, files; the works. I’m assuming I have your full attention now? If you’re fully awake now, you’ll love what’s coming next.

iCloud will allow users to…..wait for it……store music online! If the implications of that are taking time to hit you, let me break this one down. You can buy a song on iTunes once and it will be available on up to 10 devices! Now how is this different from what Google and Amazon have already launched, you ask? Well for one, Apple = Music? They have 18 million high-resolution songs already stored on their servers, which is far ahead of their competition. The problem with iCloud here is what do you do if you want to store songs that you didn’t purchase from iTunes?

Fret not; Apple’s genie will make your troubles vanish for a price: $24.99 a year, to be exact. iTunes will scan your computer’s hard drive for music files that have been converted from compact discs. If the iTunes store has the same songs, there’s no need to repurchase the songs and these songs will be added to the iCloud, and will even be replaced by a high-quality version.Now if *that* didn’t make your day and your year, I don’t know what will. Oh well, this might- once you pay, you’d have a storage limit of 20,000 songs. If you’re a really tough cookie, this one ought to do it: Unlike ‘the others,’ since Apple’s music is stored online on its servers already, you don’t have to wait for your music library to upload to the cloud as the tunes on the server are used as copies for you. Yeah!

Biggest grouse here is that this service isn’t available till fall this year. Never mind that- Skeptics, cynics, give it up for Apple and Steve Jobs and another feather in their already full cap. You’ve gotta say- they’re rocking it, but it makes it that much sweeter that they’re rocking it in the presence of some very formidable and worthy competitors.

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