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No prizes for guessing why! As people move from print to digital, from magazines stalls to digital stores, and prefer to ‘add to cart’ via a click of a button instead of actually doing so, it was only a matter of time that magazines realized that their revenues had to be secured in a more time-apt way. It’s not that they have, up till now, discounted the internet-savvy generation and the social media blitzkrieg, but given that these virtual trends are in their absolute pink, print publishers, especially magazine publications, can no longer ignore the impinging assault of online retailers and e-commerce websites that have begun to take a toll on their revenues.
From publishing crème de la crème like Elle, Time Out New York and Real Simple to the smallest local magazine publisher, everyone is exploring newer revenue channels – e-commerce to be exact- as print advertising isn’t drawing many takers. What’s more is that online retailers are now invading the space, dominated till now, by magazine publications by incorporating exciting content to their pages for product stimulation. They are more than happy to incorporate content that encourages, subliminally or otherwise, actions which allow customers to convert and realize their tastes by a mere click.
Call it human adversity, time-crunch or love for speedy way of things, there is no denying that the web is a world of its own and everything can happen in that one point, in one moment, in a matter of few clicks. The bottom line is clear: All digital content is a part of a larger experience. It is not just about one thing, but a simple and meaningful correlation between ends and means that makes internet such an attractive prospect to ex-print advertisers. These advertisers are,now, drawn to the allure that online publications can create immediate conversions to e-commerce sales; for; activities can flow seamlessly from content to online sales, all in one point alone. So, now, an enticing content about home décor is, not-surprisingly, endorsed by a link to purchase a piece of furniture from a leading retailer, or a detailed account of the recent couture line is followed by links to purchase or ‘add to cart’ a pieceof the designer label almost straightaway.
There is a fine line magazines have to maintain in order to now turn into online retailers altogether, however, there is no escape from the internet-frenzy we call regular life. The transition from pure content to content-inspiring-retail is almost unnatural to magazines but with time, they too have to evolve to stay with the trends.

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