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As a marketer, one of the things we look at is to generate leads. We are constantly asking ourselves how can we drive leads and maximize our ROI. Twitter’s a platform we have all grown to love and now to help us out, they’ve added a qualified lead generating feature to Twitter Cards: The Lead Generating Card. You can now use your Twitter content to generate leads.

Though the lead generation cards have been around since May this year, are they actually worth the investment? If you’re a brand who’s used or is using the ‘promoted tweet’ feature that Twitter has to offer, the simple answer’s yes. More and more brands are looking at making the most of these cards. By including Twitter’s lead generation cards in their social strategy, they have seen better engagement, faster lead acquisition and not to mention reduction in the cost per lead prices.

Sounds great? It is! Here’s how you can use it to your brand’s advantage,

1. Simple Set-up

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the lead generation cards, the setting up stage is a breeze. All you need to do is,

a. Sign up for Twitter Ads

b. Find the Twitter Ads feature in ‘settings and help’

c. Click on the ‘Cards’ option on the top navigation bar and click the “Create Lead Generation Card” option at the right hand side

a. This leads you to the card editor where you can design the written content along with the visual

i. Add a catchy description of your offer (50 character limit)

* What you also need to remember is to target your card to the right audience using the right keywords to maximize those clicks.

ii. Attach an image to the card – Make sure the image isn’t picked up from a stock site and is of good quality

iii. Chose a call-to-action message (it’s included in the button)

2. Guarantees Effective Functionality and Communication

To ensure that your card functions effectively, remember to complete the following steps before your launch,

a. Submit an URL where your lead information will be directed

b. Have a fall back URL (so that if a user views your card on a non-supported platform, such as a third party Twitter client, they can be redirected here)

c. Assign a Privacy Policy URL – All your cards need to have this so users can see the data that is being collected and what’s been done with it

3. Analytics

The analytics offered for your lead generation card will help you optimize your card designs so as to minimize your cost per lead in the future. You can access these reports within your Promoted Tweet campaigns. A card-on-card analytics will help in determining what strategy works best when it comes to your brand.

To conclude, it’s a great way to reach out to your prospective audience with the right targeting and card copy but let’s not forget that acquiring those leads is just one half of the story. What we do with those leads seals the deal. Creating custom email campaigns to these email addresses is bound to get you better conversions. After all you are targeting those who have readily shown an interest in your brand and its product(s).

What is your take on the lead generation card? Has it worked for you? I would love to hear from you!

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